Mother, Oh, Mother


“Mother, oh, Mother!” they cry.
“Forgive us our wrongdoings.
We took for granted your gifts,
And took no heed of your warnings.”

I laugh to myself, Foolish children!

They pretend to seek absolution
When I know the truth:
What they seek is a solution
To their dying youth.

But I shall spoil them no longer
No, they have been spoiled enough
I give them everything
Yet they spoil what I give up.

I am tired of nurturing.
I give and they take.
I hope they stop and realize soon
For their own sake.

I sigh to myself, Foolish children.

“It’s all right,” I tell them.
“I forgive you for what you’ve done.”
It does not matter to me anymore
All care I had for them is gone.

After all, in this game they started
They are the only ones playing;
I simply keep score
Of all the sides that are…

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