Climate Change; The Burning Question

Notes from the Overground

In 2006 and six the leader of the Tory Party hugged a husky in the now infamous photo-op in the Arctic. He went on to promise “the greenest government ever.” In that respect like deficit destruction he and the coalition have failed dismally to deliver.  Even the normally docile BBC has waved a “Red Card” at the coalition for its lack of action on environmental issues.

This has prompted the Labour Party to issue its own Green Manifesto. But for all the fuss and bluster few of the parties with the honourable exception of the Greens and to some extent the SNP, the manifestos have most of their environment policies rather hidden away in the small print. Little is made of the COP21 meeting due in Paris later this year and even less on the prospect for widespread oil drilling under Gatwick airport and no-one really wants to talk…

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