Faith & Reason: Are many of us Christians partially to be blamed for why so many people think Christianity is not based on reason?

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Faith & Reason

Faith AND Reason, not Faith VS. Reason

Somehow many people hold onto the idea that faith and reason don’t mix. Part of it, I think, stems from a common misconception that asking = doubting, or a lack of faith. So we suppress our questions. If anyone ventures to verbalize a question (asked not with maliciousness but out of genuine curiosity or confusion), they might receive vague responses about how they need to “strengthen their faith” or “talk with God more.”

Even if these responses are said with good intentions, they often don’t address the question nor provide clear direction as to how one can go about “strengthening their faith.” Some people even take the wrong attitude of shaming the person who genuinely asked the question, possibly turning interested non-believers away. (I’m not talking about the people who ask questions with intentions to mock God or break peace. But even with these people, I think…

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