In photos: Powerful images from the Nepal earthquake

Help the victims of earthquake in Nepali brother and sisters ……

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WATCH: Raw video of Nepal earthquake aftermath.

Warning: This post contains images that some may find graphic. 

KATHMANDU, Nepal – A top Nepalese official says at least 688 people have died in the massive earthquake that struck outside Kathmandu.

Home Ministry official Laxmi Dhakal says that the death toll is almost certain to rise following Saturday’s quake.

The quake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.8 struck before noon and was most severely felt in the capital as well as the densely populated Kathmandu Valley. A magnitude-6.6 aftershock hit about an hour later, and smaller aftershocks continued to ripple through the region for hours.

READ MORE: Nepal police say death toll from earthquake has reached at least 876

At least 30 people died in neighbouring countries where the quake was felt including 20 in India.

Here are images of destruction in the wake of the earthquake:

Kathmandu Struck By Powerful Earthquake

Emergency rescue workers carry a victim…

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