the way of nature


like the sun,

i am bright and

happy; always briging

heat, warmth, and energy
like the moon,

you are white,

so white; i long to

see you in the night sky

you relax me
but the two of us

can never ever-

never ever

be on the same page,

be on the same sky


we are in the same universe,




universes apart,

universes away,

is how i feel when

i see you go down

and hide away

when i, the sun

rises in the morning
the way of nature

keeps us apart

my sky can never be yours;

but my heart is;

we are stuck in a fate we didn’t choose

you rise in the morning

i sink in the morning




mourning in the morning

like the sun, i am bright,

i have everything in my pack

your presence is what i lack

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