Fighting For Our Own: Working-Class Resistance in Appalachia and the South (Part 1 of 3)

Making Noise in the South

Birth of the US Labor Movement
International Workers Day (May Day) is a celebration of worker contributions to our society and the struggles of past workers who fought, and sacrificed their lives, for the benefits we enjoy today. May Day is a national holiday in many countries, and is especially associated with Communist states like the Soviet Union and Cuba. Many US workers don’t realize that the holiday’s origins are firmly rooted in the labor struggles of our own nation.

The history of the US labor movement, which won the eight-hour day, an end to child labor, the right to organize, the weekend, overtime pay, and much more (some workers today still don’t have enjoy some of these benefits), is often associated with factory workers in urban areas like Boston, New York, Detroit, and Chicago. Occasionally rural coal miners are lumped in, but the struggles and contributions of workers in…

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