The mountains (3 topics)

Bible Talk

Sorry for not posting lately. My family and I just got back from the Blue Ridge Mountains. My, they were beautiful. It rained a lot and it was nice outside. Not like 90 degree weather but not like 60 degrees either. It was in between 70-80 degrees. Nice weather. You don’t sweat and you don’t need a long sleeves shirt either. (If you are wondering why I have the same pics as it’s because we are sisters!)

#1  Anyways, we swam in a lake called Mirror Lake. Guess what we found? Sea shells and a clam! Now how would a clam and seashells get on top of a mountain? They couldn’t have put them there because lakes don’t have seashells just seaweed. And a clam! Seriously, they definitely did not put that in a lake! So, how did it get there? Easy. A global flood. The flood probably washed…

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